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Feature Paul Standring

As you all know we love featuring exciting Change Makers on our blog.  Here is one more who is a Badger and an entrepreneur. Meet Paul Standring!  Paul Standring is a proud Badger 2003-2007, and was part of the Badger football team on special teams and was also a backup punter.  He is now living in Chicago, the owner and CEO of Carefree Boat Club of Chicago and Wisconsin. Paul’s entrepreneurial driven goals began during his senior year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he began working as a financial advisor. He returned to his hometown of Chicago after graduating with a degree in Business Management and has continued to practice as a financial advisor for the past 12 years...

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Campo Team Travels to Peru!

Hola!  I’m Taylor Bould, and I’m currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin Madison studying Marketing, Management/Human Resources, and Risk Management and Insurance.  I also have been an intern with Campo Alpaca for the past 2 years, in which I have done everything from social media, event coordination, data analytics, and more!  This summer I spent a week re-learning my high school Spanish skills with Katie Lorenz, the founder of Campo Alpaca and Myles Storey, UW-Madison student and Videography intern in Peru! Being able to see the roots of Campo was an invaluable experience that made me fall in love with this company even more.  Obligatory Intern Heel-Clicking Jump During our time we were welcomed with such hospitality and...

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Graduation Gift List

By Recent Graduate, Samantha Oh The last weeks of school can be a tumultuous time, especially for soon to be graduates. After completing your last final round of exams, you’re put in a cap and gown, and suddenly it feels like you’re being thrown into the ‘real world’. Despite the pressure we put on ourselves to quickly figure out how to become a grown-up and enter the workforce, this is an exciting time that we can take to learn about all of the opportunities that are in store. So if you’re about to graduate and want to treat yourself or if you know someone who deserves a congratulations, here is a list of practical and fun gift ideas. Campo Wisconsin...

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On Wisconsin!

Hello Everyone!  Graduation is approaching, which is always one of those times that we look back and reflect.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012.  I am so grateful to have a continued connection to Madison, work with amazing students, and be on campus frequently.  To this day I still believe it is one of the best places in the world.  Some of my favorite places back from when I was a student are still the same today while others have changed, but that’s part of the beauty of Madison, always changing, but also always feels like home.  Given the spirit of the time of year I wanted to recall some of my Top Seven favorite memories and...

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