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Why Wisconsin?

Hello Campo Friends,  All those who know me know that I am a stereotypical crazy Badger fan.  How do you know if you're a crazy Badger Fan?.  IF YOU: - See someone on the street or passing by wearing any form of Badger gear, you shout "On Wisconsin" or "Go Bucky" and are incredibly excited if they respond  - Tell people about the UW-Madison whether or not they care that you went there.   - Know that Camp Randall, Kohl Center, or the Terrace in the summer among other places are some of the best places in the world.   I have so many amazing memories recent and old of UW-Madison.  I feel incredibly fortunate and lucky to be a badger!   I...

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Reflecting On Our First Peru Trip of 2019

Hello Everyone, This is Katie writing to you.  I am back from a two week trip to Peru.  Back to Chicago and the negative who knows how cold weather.  While it’s nice to be home, Peru had this great 60-70 degree thing going down there.  I am looking forward to that kind of weather again! On to the good stuff.  Recap of my trip to Peru!  I was in Peru to work on a number of different items.  NEW SAMPLES for 2019! We have new products coming from all three of our suppliers.  Be on the look out next week to check them out! Meet with each of my suppliers to confirm 2019 plans.  CELEBRATE! CAMPO and our suppliers in Peru...

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Hola from Peru!

Hello Everyone,  This is Katie writing to you from Cusco, Peru.  I hope that the new year is starting off very well for all of you.  For Campo we are deep into planning for 2019.  That includes NEW Products, improvements, and expanding!  It's very exciting to be in Year 2 of CAMPO!   Here's the game plan in Peru.  I had two weeks total and am about 1/2 the way through the trip.  Here was the agenda and highlights 1/14-1/16:  Lima, Peru  - I had the amazing opportunity to meet with part of the UW-Madison MBA program in Lima, Peru.  What a fantastic group of people!  They are driven, intelligent, and impressive it made my "Badger Heart" so happy to be...

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How did Campo Start?

Hello Everyone! Katie Lorenz here, the founder of Campo.  People ask me all the time: "How did Campo start?"  "Where did the idea come from?"  "How did you find these people you work with?"  When I was an undergraduate and dreaming of management consulting, I never expected to be chasing alpacas in Peru!   Rewind a bit... I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012 and was thrilled to sign with a fantastic consulting firm. Two years later, I left that job and traveled before starting a new venture at a smaller, specialized firm. For my month off I dreamed of hanging out with elephants and exploring the jungle. Thailand sounded like the place to go! As I was planning my...

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