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Lessons Learned From Starting a Business Part One

Hi All, Katie Lorenz, the Founder of Campo here.  For these next two weeks I will be writing about the lessons that I have learned while starting Campo.  Please feel free to write questions, comments, or lessons you’ve learned in the comments.  I will start off by saying I have learned a TON while starting Campo.  This meme is one of my favorites.  All joking aside, I consistently tell people that this experience has taught me more than anything else that I have ever done. I will share two topics each blog – so SIX key learnings.  Hopefully these may help you or let you know that other people are going through the same things.  #1:  You don’t know what...

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Who Made My Clothes: Ayni Art

Ayni Art We were searching for the right people to make our blankets and scarves.  Once again our connections have served us well.  Ayni Art is a small, family-run business out of Cusco, Peru.  We were connected to Ayni Art’s founder through a friend and artisan maker in Cusco.  Georgina and her family run Ayni Art.  She works in rural areas around Cusco and Puno to create amazing products in the knit, woven, or craftsmen categories.  The word Ayni means "today for you, tomorrow for me" The law of Ayni is a multifaceted concept. But, put simply: “When you give something, you are entitled to get something back, and when you get something you have an obligation to reciprocate and give something back”. ...

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Who Made Your Clothes? Beanies & Headband - Chaska

The Chaska Collective Arequipa Peru Campo was founded based on the idea that business can and should be a force for good.  Commerce is one of the proven successful ways to build up a developing economy.  Organizations like Chaska are the reason for Campo’s existence.  Patricia (Left).  Chaska teaching moment Chaska was founded by Patricia who spent her career working in apparel and consumer goods companies in quality control.  Now that she’s retired, she chooses to give of her time and experience.  Chaska is a group of women living outside of Arequipa, Peru.  Most of them have children, some have families, and others do not; but all find support in this group of women who work together.  They are all incredibly talented knitters, a...

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Who Made Your Clothes? Sweaters: Millmachas

Finding “my people” was what I thought would be one of the more difficult aspects of starting Campo.  I often get asked how I found my partners in Peru… The process started with “research trips” to Peru to validate the viability and need for this idea as well as “find my people”.  If you have read previous blogs, you’ll know that I met knitters and weavers during my first trip to Peru back in 2014.  I approached random people on the street whom I saw knitting and creating things.  In likely broken Spanish, I asked them about themselves, where they were from, did they have a family, what they were making, and for whom.  At the time this was just...

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