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12DoT - Interns 2019 - Part 2

12 DAYS OF THANKS ... Continuing on! Interns Fall 2019 Part TWO!  These interns are fantastic, on top of school work and extra curriculars they are all driven and motivated to get real world experience.  THANK YOU is not enought to express my gratitude to these fantastic students! ILANA MACK Ilana is a junior this year at UW-Madison, and she is originally from Boston.  She is studying Retailing and Consumer Behavior and is deeply passionate about using design to create a positive impact in the world, such as promoting mental health awareness and sustainability. She would love to start her own business someday that combines her passions for fashion and positive social change. A fun fact about Ilana is that...

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12 Days of Thanks!

These 12 days of Christmas I am using as 12 days of THANKS!  I will likely need way more days, because there are so many people to thank for their advice, help, support, purchases, etc.  etc. etc.  THANK YOU for an amazing year!

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CAMPO Holiday Gift Guide

By Abby Hess  The holidays should be a fun time for us all, filled with good food and good company! Unfortunately, the prospect of gift-giving for some of your pickier family members can add a bit of stress to this cheerful season. Lucky for you, Campo has got you covered with high quality, sustainable goods for every type of shopper. These gifts will be so good, even your choosiest family members won’t be able to resist these super-soft, no-itch alpaca fur pieces! Loves the Outdoors- Even When It’s 30 Below Classico Hoodie- $120 We all have that relative that just can’t get enough of the winter weather- from ski trips to snow angels, this person has no fear of the...

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Tips to Shop Ethically & Sustainably

By Abigail Hess It is no myth that the fashion industry creates a high amount of pollution. Fast fashion in particular has a very unsustainable life cycle, as fast fashion companies focus on creating as much product as they can in a short amount of time to deliver to their customers. This means that environmental corners are often cut to produce such high quantities of textiles in a short amount of time. In considering all of these issues in the textiles industry, it’s hard to understand how we can continue finding clothing that makes us feel confident and stylish without playing a part in serious environmental harm. Luckily, there are so many options that let us find clothes that make us...

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