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Alpaca Pom Crystal Keychain

Alpaca Pom Crystal Keychain

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These incredibly soft alpaca fleece keychains are the perfect stress relievers for your busy life on the go!

Not only do they provide a soothing tactile experience, but they also come with an attached crystal, offering a delightful blend of soft and hard textures to keep you relaxed and centered throughout your day. 

They come in 14 different variations, one crystal per zodiac sign, and two bonus crystals. Choose whichever one speaks to you!

Onyx - Aries: Boosts courage, confidence, and determination. Provides emotional stability, grounding, and protection against negativity. Supports clear decisions and physical strength.

Jasper - Taurus: Grounding, stability, and nurturing. Promotes emotional balance and self-confidence. Enhances connection to nature and patience in pursuing goals.

Amethyst - Gemini: Enhances communication, mental clarity, and intuition. Reduces stress and fosters inner peace. Aids in spiritual growth and understanding emotions.

Citrine - Cancer: Promotes emotional healing, optimism, and self-confidence. Brings joy and creativity. Provides comfort and attracts prosperity.

Fire Agate - Leo: Ignites passion, creativity, and self-expression. Boosts confidence and vitality. Transforms negative energies into positivity.

White Quartz - Virgo: Enhances clarity, focus, and communication. Promotes emotional balance and problem-solving. Supports spiritual growth and vitality.

Turquoise - Libra: Promotes balance, communication, emotional healing, and protection. Encourages self-expression and aids decision-making.

Jade - Scorpio: Fosters wisdom, emotional balance, and protection. Empowers growth and transformation.

Fuchsia Agate - Sagittarius: Enhances creativity, optimism, and curiosity. Supports adventurous spirit and open-mindedness.

Green Serpentine - Capricorn: Provides grounding, resilience, and prosperity. Aids determination and practicality.

Blue Sodalite - Aquarius: Enhances intuition, communication, and intellectual pursuits. Stimulates logical thinking and spiritual understanding.

Clear Quartz - Pisces: Amplifies intuition, spiritual connection, and emotional healing. Provides clarity and compassion.


Yellow Serpentine: Enhances insight, intellectual pursuits, and adaptability. Promotes forward-thinking and understanding.

Light Purple Amethyst: Amplifies intuition, spiritual connection, and emotional healing. Provides clarity, compassion, and aids in embracing spiritual depth.

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Customer Reviews

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Pennie S.
Adorable & Soft Alpaca Poms

Love my fluffy & soft Alpaca Pom w/ cute charm! I put it on the inside zipper of my purse & can feel the softness when I reach in. I got the Pom on a Valentine's sale & am hoping for another sale for Easter...I would love to put these in my Granddaughters Easter baskets! Many Thanks Campo!!