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Alpaca Mittens

Alpaca Mittens

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These mittens are incredibly soft and cozy, thanks to the alpaca fiber from which they're made.

They also feature a design that allows easy finger access without the need to remove the mitten.

Alpaca is hypoallergenic and thermo-regulating, ensuring there's no itch and your hands stay at the perfect temperature.

These mittens will keep your hands both stylish and warm throughout the winter.

Our mittens are hand-knit by amazing women in small villages outside of Arequipa, Peru.

These women are part of a group called the Chaska Collective, which provides a safe space for them to work and earn a living.

Rest assured, a lot of love goes into crafting each of our mittens!

- 50% Super Fine Alpaca Fleece

- 45% Acrylic; For Durability

- 5% Merino

Care: Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent quality knitted mittens

Things that make these mittens excellent:
+ The colors (green and gold) are definitely the correct shades of green and gold for them to be Packers-associatable (but also, no explicit "Packer" labeling, so they can just be a pair of happy green-and-gold mittens).
+ There is ~ 1 inch of overlap between the mitten palm and the mitten top, so even it they slip around a bit, they don't expose your palm or fingers by accident.
+ The loop that holds the flip part back if you want to keep them open is a quality, several-strand-thick loop. It's not going to snap/break on you.
+ The flip part of the mitten is attached to the palm with the same yarn as the mitten, so it's not going to simply tear and let the two pieces come apart like many flip mittens I've seen where the knitted parts are attached by a thin string.
+ THE MITTENS ARE CUFFED AND COVER THE WRIST. It disappoints me when I put on a pair of nice gloves or mittens and the wrist just hangs wide open. These mittens have a couple-inch long cuff that is not tight, but is a little bit narrower than the mitten and has some stretch so that it hugs the wrist. Definitely made to protect you from the cold. The finger part of the mitten has just a little bit of ribbing, too, so it hugs the fingers just right.
+ Soft. :)

I have not had these long, nor have I washed them, so I cannot say how they hold up over time.

My one limitation is a personal one -- these mittens are too large for me, but that tends to be the case with most adult-sized gloves and mittens.

Amanda Potter
Not for small hands

Too big and slide right off; a size guide could be helpful

Pennie S.
Cozy Alpaca Mittens...

I started w/ the dark gray mittens & am so impressed with how soft and warm they are. I really like that they are dual purpose as I like to have my fingers out while I am driving. I then purchased the red & white mittens and was equally impressed by the warmth & quality. Very happy w/ both purchases.

Suzanne Weber

Super warm and soft….love them!