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Campo alpaca

Alpaca Fluffies - Natural Colors

Alpaca Fluffies - Natural Colors

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Everyone knows alpaca is super soft and fluffy.  These fluffies are REAL alpaca fiber (no alpacas are harmed in making these fluffies).  Great as home decor, ornaments, or even for stress relief animals!

Made by a lovely familia in Juliaca, Peru who've been working with alpaca fiber for decades!  

Important:  These are not children's toys - potential choking hazard due to the craftsmenship of the eyes.  

Comes in four sizes + each alpaca is unique, natural colors vary, get ready for a surprise!

Jumbo: Over 9 inches Tall  = $28.00

X Large 8 inches = $22.50

Large 7 inches Tall = $19.00

Medium:  6 Inches Tall = $16

Small:  4 Inches Tall = $10


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kate Amigo
Best Classroom Pet Ever!

I ordered a large-sized alpaca fluffy and it has quickly become the Spanish classroom pet. My students named him 'Benito' and care for him like a living, breathing animal. He is adorable, soft, and so, so special to our classroom! I teach in the Cayman Islands, so Benito has definitely made his way around the world. We love him -- thank you so much!

suzanne schalig
Little llama

My granddaughter (14) loved it.

Nikola Simic

Alpaca Fluffies - Natural Colors

Fluffies are super cute...and make great cat toys

I already owned an alpaca fluffy last April when I brought my first kitten home, and she immediately decided the fluffy was hers. Fast forward eight months and she's decapitated the alpaca from running around with it, chewing on it, and throwing it in the air so much. So naturally, our lil Lentil got a brand new alpaca fluffy in her Christmas stocking. Our whole household loves Campo Alpaca! ;)

Maria Zdanovskaia

I purchased three of these as gifts for friends and their children, but I admittedly spent some time petting them before wrapping them up. They are so fluffy (fluffier than the fluffy unicorn in "Despicable Me", which Agnes declares is "so fluffly I'm gonna die!" Thankfully, I have observed only positive health effects of enjoyment and relaxation petting these Alpaca fluffies) and so soft! The body is sturdy, so they stand on their own and are not flopsy fluffies, and they have very cute faces. But importantly, so soft, SO FLUFFY.

Made With Love

We partner with 7 artisan groups and family-run businesses across Peru. We work with leaders who care about people and their communities. They also do incredible work and through their passion and craftsmenship we create products built to last!

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