Behind the Scenes of Campo Part 1: Products

Behind the Scenes of Campo Part 1: Products

By: Jackie Drake

Here at Campo we believe in transparency. We want to bring you into the process of how Campo products come to be and how we work with our partners. Have more questions? Ask us!

How are designs created?

Our founder, Katie Lorenz, does 90% of the design work with the help and collaboration from our partners in Peru. The knit Milagros blanket is made by Milagros in Lima from the company Millmachas.
Alpaca Blanket Knit Statement Piece Cozy blankt

How many people does it take to make one sweater?

It takes about 6 people to make one sweater. There is a programmer that inputs the design into a knitting machine, an operational person who oversees the machine, seamstresses that sew the seams together, embellishments workers that add the campo logo and wrist patch, and a quality control worker to check to make sure everything is perfect.  

How are Campo products made?

Our sweaters are made in knitting machines and then distributed out to seamstresses to assemble the garment and then finally finished with tags and quality control.

blue, sweater

Our headbands, beanies, and mittens are all hand knit, using the knitting needles in a tiny town outside of Arequipa. 
headband, blue   red, beaniered, mittens

Our wrist appliques are woven using the oldest known form of weaving, back strap weaving. These are each unique and made by three ladies living in Ocongate, Peru. 

wrist applique

Our Alpaca Fluffies are handmade in Juliaca, Peru by a family who has been creating alpaca products for decades!

alpaca fluffies

Have more questions? Write them in the comments or send us a message here.

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