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10 Ways to Prepare for a Wisconsin Winter

By: Jackie Drake
Temperatures are starting to fall, which means winter is right around the corner! Luckily, there are multiple things you can do now to ensure you have a safe and warm winter. Whether you will be braving the cold to get to work or fighting a winter storm walking to school, these tips should help you make it through a Wisconsin winter.

1.)  Stay Warm

Make sure you have winter accessories to keep your head and face warm. Wind chill is no joke in Wisconsin! We recommend Campo’s scarves, beanies, and headbands that are thermoregulating and hypoallergenic, which means they will keep your head at the perfect temperature and are non-itchy.

hat, Wisconsinscarf, red, whitered, headband

2.)  Keep Supplies Ready

Buy supplies for your car such as a shovel, first aid kit, bottled water, and snacks in case you get stuck in one of Wisconsin’s infamous winter storms.

3.)  Protect Your Toes

Aside from getting winter boots to help keep your toes warm and dry, we recommend Campo’s Thick Alpaca Performance Socks that are lightweight, breathable, and super warm.
socks, black

 4.)  Buy Winter Tires 

To prevent any accidents on icy roads, check to ensure you have winter tires on your car.

 5.)  Get Warm Gloves 

To brave the cold and prevent frostbite, it is essential to have warm gloves handy such as Campo’s mittens. Pro tip: put heat warmers inside your gloves for ultimate warmth.
mittens, Wisconsin, red

6.)  Check Your Heater

Have your heating system at home checked to ensure it is working properly before winter comes. There is nothing worse than realizing your heater is broken that first night when the temperature drops!

7.)  Layers on Layers on Layers

Layers are very important for Wisconsin winters! We suggest you try one of our sweaters that you can easily layer with your winter coat on top. Our Wisconsin Crew Neck is perfect for showing your Wisconsin pride and keeping your body at the exact right temperature.
Wisconsin, sweater, crew-neck, grey

8.)  Don't forget an Ice Scraper!

Ice scrapers are a must for snowy and cold Wisconsin days. Put one in your car now so you are prepared. Remember to wake up early if you are going to be scraping your windows in the morning!

9.)  Stay Cozy!

Make sure you have a cozy blanket to stay extra warm during cold nights, or for when you are relaxing on the couch drinking hot chocolate. If you like super soft and stylish blankets, you will love our Milagros Alpaca Knit Blanket that comes in a neutral color scheme or a multicolor scheme. 
Milagros, neutral, blanket        multi-colored, colorful, blanket, milagros

10.)  Get Some Cuddles!

Lastly, there is nothing like the feeling of our extra-cuddlable Alpaca Fluffy to keep you warm during the winter, and to keep you company if you get snowed in. It comes in multiple sizes and all-natural colors.
alpaca fluffies

We hope these tips will help you survive a Wisconsin winter, and also hopefully help you enjoy it too!

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