Wisconsin Back to School Essentials

Wisconsin Back to School Essentials

By: Jackie Drake

Summer is over, which means school is here!  This fall might look a little different from normal school years, so it’s a good idea to get an early start on your back-to-school shopping. Read through this list to make sure you are prepared for an awesome school year!

#1 Backpack

The first important thing you will need to have a great school year is a backpack to put all your homework and textbooks in. The University Book Store has some cool Badger-themed backpacks like this one to show off your school spirit.
backpack, Wisconsin

#2 Planner

A planner is crucial for students because it helps keep you organized and be able to manage your time better. Use it to write down important due dates for homework, projects, tests, group meetings, or extracurricular activities. Time management is going to be very important for those taking hybrid or fully online classes this year. You can get a Wisconsin student planner at the University Book Store here.
planner, red, wisconsin

#3 Laptop

A laptop is going to be especially important this school year since most students will be having to learn virtually. If you have class in-person, a laptop is also great to take fast notes on and easily organize your assignments. This Microsoft Surface Laptop is super-fast, portable, and will last a long time throughout multiple school years.

#4 Notebook and Pens

Some people find that they learn better if they write their notes down on paper instead of typing on a laptop, so notebooks and pens are necessary for those that enjoy this “old fashioned” method. You can find a good notebook set with pens here at The University Bookstore that also comes with a bonus highlighter and index cards.
notebook, red

#5 Mask

It will be essential to wear a face mask if you are going to be indoors with classmates this school year to keep yourself and others safe from COVID-19. Bucky’s Locker Room has some stylish Wisconsin-themed masks so you can be safe while still representing some Wisconsin pride.
mask, badger

#6 Comfy Clothes

It’s very important to be comfortable while sitting in class for hours on end. We recommend our super cozy Wisconsin crewneck sweater. It is made out of soft, lightweight, and thermoregulating alpaca fiber so your body will always be kept at the perfect temperature whether you are walking to class on a chilly fall day or inside a classroom with the air conditioning way too high.
grey, wisconsin, sweater
If you are like most people, you are always losing pairs of socks, so we also recommend getting a couple pairs of our Baby Alpaca Hand Dyed Socks to ensure you have a matching pair for class. These socks come in 8 different fun colors and are made of 80% baby alpaca fiber, which means they are incredibly soft and breathable.
sock, purple
We hope that this list will help you prepare for a successful and fun school year. Good luck with your studies!


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