Why Wisconsin?

Hello Campo Friends, 

All those who know me know that I am a stereotypical crazy Badger fan.  How do you know if you're a crazy Badger Fan?.  IF YOU:

- See someone on the street or passing by wearing any form of Badger gear, you shout "On Wisconsin" or "Go Bucky" and are incredibly excited if they respond 

- Tell people about the UW-Madison whether or not they care that you went there.  

- Know that Camp Randall, Kohl Center, or the Terrace in the summer among other places are some of the best places in the world.  

I have so many amazing memories recent and old of UW-Madison.  I feel incredibly fortunate and lucky to be a badger!  

I get asked a lot "Why Wisconsin?" 

My "die-hard" Wisconsin dedication wasn't the only reason for the university selection to start Campo.  I researched a number of Universities when first starting Campo.  Then the decision became clear.  Wisconsin has the student dedication, high performance sports teams, alumni base, and on top of that the Wisconsin Idea. 

The Wisconsin Idea is a philosophy embraced by the University of Wisconsin System (UW System) that holds that university research should be applied to solve problems and improve health, quality of life, the environment, and agriculture for all citizens of the state.

The original Wisconsin Idea applied to the state itself, but since then has grown into a global initiative.  Campo is my personal realization of the Wisconsin Idea in the form of a business which 1) Creates positive change in the lives of our suppliers and the people with whom we work in Peru 2) Allows us to create new and exciting products 3) Benefits the students of the UW through internship and a first hand experience of the Wisconsin Idea in action

All in all, I am blessed to be in the position of starting this company, working with the UW, and working with all of the people involved.  If part of my "job is going to Wisconsin Alumni events and working with UW students" then I amdefinitely in the right place.  You know what they say "If you love what you do, then you never work a day in your life!"  

With that, talk to you next time!




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