Why PEOPLE, Not Factories - Meet Milagros

Why PEOPLE, Not Factories - Meet Milagros

Milagros Mallqui was our first business partner in Peru.  She is the type of person that embodies the purpose and beliefs of Campo.  She uses her business as her life in service of others — as a force of good to SUPPORT and EMPOWER people, not to exploit.  Her team and employees are like family. She opens her family to many amazingly talented people from Venezuela.  Milagros is a pillar in her community and a positive change in the world. 

Meet Milagros…  

Tell Us a Bit About Yourself…

My name is Milagros Mallqui Landauro. I am 45 years old. Professional Manager, Coach in entrepreneurship and Coordinator of the Business Incubator at the National University of San Marcos. Apart from partnering with CAMPO, I also support a "San Pedro" home where there are children and elderly people who were abandoned in hospitals or on the streets by their families because many of them suffer from mental disorders or terminal illnesses. To help them, I am creating a new product, alpaca shoes, that will be launched in the market at the end of July, and, from the sale of these, I am allocating a percentage for the home.

Ethical Fashion Team

Each and every one of us adds value to our work called "Love."

What is your relationship with Katie Lorenz and the CAMPO Team?

For us, Katie is more than a client or a young businesswoman – we are all family now. We have shared experiences and have created goals together. We are each able to feel the needs of our people and community. Katie is very committed to us in raising up our people — to our women whom we teach day by day to be stronger, fighters, and warriors to build a livelihood for their children. Many have learned the work and already develop their own jobs, which is a joy for us. Katie has quickly become part of the motivation for these women.

The truth is that I am very happy to meet her because, as an essence, she is a wonderful person with an immense heart, very human and eager to grow as a businesswoman and to help many people in our country.

How would you describe the work that you do?  What are your goals?

The work we do together helps develop a social vision. It seeks to meet the needs of our customers, generating work for many people in need of my country. This is especially true for impoverished women who are looking for an opportunity to break away from their rough past and move forward to create a new life for themselves and their beloved community. We work with women in the city who are single mothers or have been abandoned or mistreated and who have the need to generate their own income. In the same way, many of them work with illiterate rural women, many of them suffering from family violence.

We work with all of these women to train them and improve their craft. Many of them also have a prior knowledge of working with fabric because of the legacy of their ancestors who come from the Inca culture.

Since I started the company it was always my goal to grow together with these people. Every one of us adds value to our work called "Love." We live and share every day with a lot of love, like a big family, sharing our joys and sorrows, but looking for the new day to always be better.

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