Why Shop Ethically?

 By: Brianna Boecker

Shopping ethically, otherwise known as ethical consumerism, is a way for the consumer to support companies that are choosing to produce and provide their goods in morally acceptable ways. This includes providing fair wages to workers, access to safe and flexible working conditions, and maintenance of sustainable manufacturing practices, among many other things. NESsT is one organization investing in companies that do all of these things and you can read more about them here (https://www.nesst.org/about-nesst). Shopping ethically can be empowering because it allows the consumer to support moral practices with their money, also known as dollar voting. The consumer’s money has the power to support companies currently doing the right thing and can potentially push companies not already operating ethically towards doing so.
 When it comes to clothing and choosing to shop ethically, the difference in quality you receive compared to fast fashion can be substantial. Fast fashion is clothing that is produced quicker and with lower quality fabrics than that of ethical brands. A quality piece of clothing from an ethically sourced brand will allow you to wear the clothing much longer and give you more overall satisfaction with the product.
The alpaca fiber in Campo’s fabrics is high quality and has many preferable characteristics such as a soft texture, warmth, hypo-allergenic qualities, stretch, water repellency, and odor reduction.
Alpaca Woven Scarves
 Being able to wear a quality piece of clothing for a long time can also contribute positively to the environment. Each year, about eleven million tons of clothing is thrown away in the US alone.  Companies who operate without the use of ethical practices also contribute to environmental degradation through the use of toxic chemicals and synthetic fabrics that seep into water supplies. When companies choose to operate ethically and consumers choose to buy products made to last, these negative environmental impacts are avoided.
Campo partners with skilled and passionate workers who are able to make long-lasting products. The alpaca fiber used is also natural, sustainable, and healthy for the alpacas who need to be sheared just like a sheep!
Alpaca Woven
Choosing to shop ethically also has a positive effect on the workers who are making the product. Many ethical brands work hard to not only pay their workers fair wages and give them safe working environments, but also go above and beyond to empower them. They will likely make an effort to create long-lasting relationships with those who make their products and maybe even provide educational or empowerment programs that help the local communities.
Campo does all of these things and partners with an organization called Chaska that helps support girls in poverty through financial, emotional, and educational support.
Want to learn more about about Chaska?  Check out their website!
Chaska NGO Non profit Girls Education
It may seem daunting to think that an individual purchase can help enact so much positive change, but every little bit really does make a difference. Next time you are thinking of making a purchase, remember to research the practices of the company and feel good about putting your dollar towards supporting ethically sourced products.

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