What It’s Like To Be on the CAMPO Team

What It’s Like To Be on the CAMPO Team

Hi everyone! My name is Dylan and I’m just finishing up my third year at UW-Madison. This past semester, I have had the privilege to work as an intern for CAMPO Alpaca. As the semester comes to an end and finals week creeps closer and closer, I thought it would be a perfect time to reflect on my internship experience with CAMPO and share it with all of you!

Once the semester had started, I was introduced to my partner, another intern, with whom I would work with to make sure our social media accounts were active and cohesive with our brand’s message. Together, we had an initial meeting with Katie and began to divide tasks based on our past experiences, as well as our career interests. I, for example, am looking into careers in data analytics, so I asked if I was able to do some of the social media analytics to see which hashtags, posts, and stories were helping us gain the most followers, likes, and exposure. From the initial meeting, I knew I would be able to grow in so many different ways with CAMPO because of the fact that we are still a start-up with a very small team. This was especially exciting because I was able to ask all kinds of questions and take on various new tasks throughout the semester that were not necessarily part of my day-to-day responsibilities with CAMPO, but definitely taught me a lot.

Throughout the rest of the semester, I spent most of my time filming, editing, and posting stories to Instagram and Facebook, as well as looking at the Instagram insights to see which posts and stories our followers seem to be the most interested in.

One of my favorite parts of the job so far has, however, been meeting with the other interns on campus in the CAMPO team to organize photoshoots. We took a Sunday every few weeks throughout the semester to meet all day and shoot some new content for our social media accounts with our photo and video team. These were especially fun, as we had the opportunity to hang out with some pretty cool people from around the UW campus area, including some UW students, as well as a few families. I was even able to jump in a couple photos in my favorite CAMPO gear at many of the shoots, so if you’re following us on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me!

Looking back, being an intern at CAMPO has been one of my favorite experiences throughout my time here at UW-Madison. Not only did I gain a bunch of really important skills that I will absolutely find useful in my professional career, but I have also had the opportunity to meet some really great people in the process. If you’re looking to help out a start-up and learn a lot while you’re at it, CAMPO is a great place to start!  Write a comment below if you want to chat with me more about joining CAMPO. 


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