New Products

New Products

By: Jackie Drake
We are super excited to announce our new CAMPO Alpaca products! As the temperate continues to drop, it is the perfect time to add some super soft and warm clothes to your closet, so check out our new designs and new colors below.
Our first new product is hand-knit mittens with a fold-over style. They are made of super fine alpaca by the Chaska Collective in Arequipa, Peru. They are knit similarly to our headband and beanies, so if you are a fan of those, you will like this new addition. CAMPO’s mittens come in fun colors like red/white, yellow/green, dark grey, and blue. They are extremely soft and one size fits most.

all mittens
Knit Scarves

We also have knitted scarves now, which are different from our woven scarves. These knit scarves are made in Lima, Peru and are designed by Milagros. They are knit to match the style of our hats and beanies, so if you want to complete your look with similar accessories, check those out too. You can get these new knit scarves in either yellow/green or red/white.

green, yellow, scarf, newred and white, scarf, new


CAMPO’s next exciting addition is cardigans! They are available in multiple beautiful colors including wine, mustard, and dark grey. The knit is a lighter weight than our normal sweater because we are using thinner yarn with less threads, so it’s great for layering and fun to style. Our cardigans are made for everyone since they are unisex and designed to be versatile, so you can dress it up and down depending on the occasion.

dark grey, cardigan, newwine, cardigan, newmustard, cardigan

Crewneck Sweaters

Our crewneck sweaters are the same design we all know and love, but with the addition of new color options! You can now get these sweaters in gorgeous fall colors like dark grey and maroon.

crewneck, new, maroondark grey, crewneck


Per customer request, we have added new hoodies colors too! They are the same design as before, but you can now get them in blue and dark grey.

hoodie, blue , new

Zip-Up Hoodies

In addition to creating new hoodie colors, we have also created a new hoodie style. You can now get CAMPO zip-up hoodies! Our zip-up hoodie is red with a white “W”, so it is perfect for showing your Wisconsin spirit while staying cozy and warm.


You can add some new headband colors to your wardrobe! Our headbands now come in a variety of colors such as yellow/green, a mustard, black, dark grey, and red/white with a W for Wisconsin.

new headbands


Last, but not least, we have new beanie colors! Similarly to our new headbands, now you can get our beanies in new colors like yellow/green, red/white with a Wisconsin “W”, dark grey, mustard, and black. There’s also the option for beanies with pom poms. 

new beanies 

We are extremely happy to add such wonderful new designs and colors to our collection, and we hope you enjoy them too!



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