Meet the Interns of CAMPO

Meet the Interns of CAMPO

By: Jackie Drake
After some new additions, our intern team at CAMPO is up to an incredible number of 8! Each intern has specific roles that assist CAMPO’s mission. They all work hard together to help CAMPO make a positive impact on the world. Here is a little more about our interns.
Arin Pieramici:
Major: Arin is majoring in marketing and getting certificates in global health and digital studies. She is an incoming junior at UW-Madison.
Goals: After graduation, she hopes to move
to a big city like Chicago or New York and find a job.
Interests: She enjoys biking, exploring, and going to the beach.
Role: Arin’s role at CAMPO is running social media and doing PR work.
Brianna Boecker
brianna, intern
Major: Brianna is majoring in English and is a senior at UW Madison.
Goals: After graduation this May, her goal is to work in book publishing.
Interests: Some of her interests are traveling, running, writing, and spending time with friends.
Role: Her roles at CAMPO include writing blog posts and media articles, running social media, and email marketing.

Jacy Swiggum
Major: Jacy is a senior at UW-Madison majoring in Retailing and Consumer Behavior with a Certificate in Environmental Studies.
Goals: Her goal is to work in merchandising with a sustainability focused retailer.
Interests: She enjoys playing volleyball, photography, videography, crafting, and anything outdoors.
Role: Jacy’s role at CAMPO is video content creation.

Jackie Drake
jackie, intern
Major: Jackie is a senior at UW-Madison majoring in Communication Arts.
Goals: Her goal after graduation is to find a job around Madison in marketing.
Interests: She enjoys traveling, reading, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family.
Role: Jackie’s role at CAMPO is creating blog posts, media articles, and working on marketing campaigns.

Dailey Albino
dailey, intern
Major: Dailey is a junior at UW-Madison and is majoring in Psychology.
Goals: Backaround Europe for a few months and then go to nursing school to become a nurse practitioner.
Interests: She enjoys exercise and athletics and is currently a pole vaulter at UW-Madison. She loves art and enjoys painting and drawing. She also enjoys starting books, but is not great at finishing them!
Role: Dailey’s role at CAMPO is to update CAMPO’s LinkedIn, write blogs, and to try to connect with brand ambassadors.


Mallory Stock
 mallory, internMajor: Mallory is a marketing major at UW-Madison and she graduated in May 2020. 
Goals: Her goal is to get an advertising job in New York City.
Interests: She enjoys reading, writing, doing anything outdoors, and traveling
Role: Her role at CAMPO is to help run social media, be part of the marketing team, help with giveaways, and do design work.

Lillie Hosack
lillie, intern
Major: Lillie is a junior at UW-Madison studying Retailing and Consumer Behavior.
Goals: She would love to work in product development in the retailing industry. She would prefer to work at a sustainable company that values ethically made clothes.
Interests: Athletics are a big part of Lillie’s life and she is currently on the swim team at UW-Madison. She also enjoys going to concerts and hanging out with her friends.
Role: Lillie works on the marketing team at CAMPO and helps out with customer acquisition campaigns.

Grace Kostreva
grace, intern

Major: Grace is a sophomore majoring in Retailing and Consumer Behavior in the School of Human Ecology at UW-Madison.

Goals: She would love to work in fashion marketing after graduating.

Interests: She enjoys arts and crafts, being on the lake, and reading.

Role: Grace’s role at CAMPO is to create marketing campaigns and work with the email team to create and send emails.

We hope that you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the people that help further CAMPO’s mission.
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