Easy Sustainable Items

Easy Sustainable Items

By Mara TenHaken

It can be hard to be sustainable in college. You may not have the funds to purchase reusable items, or even the time to replace convenient products with eco-friendly ones. As a college student however, here are the reusable things that I personally use and have found to be affordable and efficient:

Reusable Makeup Wipes

If you wear makeup, you likely use makeup wipes! But did you know, most makeup wipes are non-biodegradable and can take up to 100 years to decompose? 

Reusable makeup wipes are a lifesaver! They do a great job of taking off stubborn makeup, all while only using water! Once they’re dirty, just throw them in your normal wash and they’ll be ready to go! 

Reusable Make Up Wipes

I personally use these: The Original Makeup Eraser

Or, if you prefer cotton rounds: Reusable Cotton Rounds

Reusable Swiffer Pads

Swiffer pads can be super expensive and similar to makeup wipes, are super wasteful. There are reusable ones for both wet jets and dry swiffers that can go right in the wash once you’re done! Looking to save even more money? You can even make your own!

Here’s a tutorial: DIY Swiffer Pads


Check out: Wet Jet Reusable Pads or Dry Swiffer Reusable Pads

Bamboo Straws + Cutlery

While reusable cutlery is great, many aren’t made with biodegradable materials and will someday end up in a landfill along with everything else. Bamboo, on the other hand, is biodegradable! It also grows super fast and helps offset carbon emissions! 

Check out these sets from Fair Anita: Bamboo Straws and Bamboo Utensil Kit

Bamboo Toothbrushes 

Sticking on the topic of bamboo, bamboo toothbrushes are an excellent alternative to plastic toothbrushes! Just be careful and make sure the bristles are biodegradable as well! 

Check these out: 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes


Reusable Plastic Bags 

Ziplock bags not only cost a lot, but it’s also easy to use them up fast! By using reusable silicone bags, you can prevent loads of plastic from going to the landfills, while saving money. 

Check these out: Silicone Bags

Reusable Shopping Bags

On the topic of bags, if you don’t already have some, get reusable shopping bags! Keep them in the trunk of your car or by your front door so you never forget them! Still think you’ll forget? Attach one to your keychain!

Check out the ChicoBag here: ChicoBag

Wool Dryer Balls

Use dryer sheets? Wool dryer balls do the same thing, while being completely reusable! They may even shorten the drying time of your clothing! Need a scent? Not a problem! You can spice these bad boys up with any essential oil! 

Check these out: Wool Dryer Balls

Or, if you’re willing to wait, we may be coming up with some wool dryer balls of our own (;

Reusable K Cups

Finally, k cups! If you’re a coffee drinker and own a keurig, it only makes sense to purchase reusable k cups! Not only will you save money, but you won’t have to live with the guilt of the plastic produced with each cup of coffee! You also have more freedom with what types of coffee to use, rather than being stuck only with what comes in the k cups! 

Check these out: Reusable K Cups

We hope you found something new or helpful on this list to improve your sustainability! 

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Who knew about sustainable swiffer pads? I didn’t, so thank you for this information. When is Campo going to offer dryer balls? I bet they will be better than the Downey sheets I am currently using. Thank you.

Nancy Dickinson

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