Choosing the right CAMPO Sock

Choosing the Right CAMPO Sock

Have you ever wondered which pair of CAMPO socks are the best fit for you? CAMPO has socks for every occasion. Read through this list to discover more about our socks and their different uses.

If you like to ski, hike, or explore the outdoors, these are the socks for you. They are perfect for cold weather and will keep your feet warm and dry all winter long. They come in multiple colors such as black, denim, grey, pearl, brown, blue, and wine. Check out our Thick Alpaca Performance Socks here.
Thick Alpaca Socks Denim
Thick Alpaca Performance Socks

Our breathable Fair Isle Santa Fe socks are a great choice for the summer or for those living in warm climates since they are thinner and moisture wicking. They are made from 80% baby alpaca, so they are super soft. They are designed with delicate swirls and fun geometric patterns and a choice of colors Lilac, Teal, and Candy. 


Alpaca Socks - Fair Isle Santa Fe

Fair Isle Santa Fe Alpaca Socks 

If you are the kind of person that loves colorful socks, then you will love our Fair Isle Degas style. They are designed with delicate swirls and fun geometric patterns. They are great to wear indoors or outdoors and will keep your feet at the perfect temperature. The two colors, Denim and Candy, come decorated in beautiful geometric patterns. 

Alpaca Socks - Fair Isle Degas

Fair Isle Degas Alpaca Socks

Need socks with a little extra... oomf? These Therapeutic Alpaca Socks help revitalize tired feet and help with circulation. They come in many colors, Lavender, Brown, Denim, Amber, Rose, Pearl, and Periwinkle. Check them out here.
 Therapeutic Alpaca Socks
Thearapeutic Alpaca Socks

Do you tend to keep things on the dressier size? Well, we even have socks for that! These Silk Dress Socks give business casual with comfort. Being super soft they won't rub, bind, won't irritate sensitive feet. Even better, the breathability of this natural fiber makes it a suitable sock all year.
Silk Dress Socks
Silk Dress Alpaca Socks


And finally, are you looking for something a little more, plain? Our Everyday Comfy Alpaca Socks are perfect for you! They even come in five different colors. See them all here.

Everyday Comfy Neutral Alpaca Socks

Everyday Comfy Alpaca Socks


If you have any other questions about which CAMPO socks are the best fit for you, please leave a comment below or contact us here.


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