Celebrating Female Founders

Celebrating Female Founders

By: Haleigh Bain
At Campo Alpaca, we take pride in being a female-founded company, our sustainable products made from organic alpaca wool, being a fair trade company, empowering through employment - benefitting the communities & people we work with, and making a difference - partnering with organizations like Chaska that is supporting young girls in poverty to help them fulfill their dreams. We are highlighting female founders that have similar values to Campo! Keep reading to learn about remarkable companies that value sustainability, giving back, and believing in the power of good! 


Kristy Allen - Beez Kneez 
Minneapolis, MN
The Beez Kneez is based in Minneapolis that believes in reviving the hives to have healthy bees. The company uses sustainable practices of beekeeping and has 150 hives they take care of. Nothing is added to their honey making the product all natural. They are the first to operate a pedal-powered extraction facility, using it for the honey production and delivery of their honey. The Beez Kneez also has an advocacy campaign called, “Healthy Bees, Healthy Lives,” where they teach beekeepers and others through their own camp. To read more about the Beez Kneez story or buy products, click here.
Kris Christian - Chicago French Press 
Chicago, IL
Kris Chrisitan could never find a cup of flavorful coffee - so she made her own. Chrisitan experimented with her french press at home, using dried fruits, chocolate, and nuts to create tasteful brews. Chicago French Press is known for its unique flavors such as maple pecan, chocolate blueberry, and peach nectar. Every batch of coffee is flavored by hand making it a unique, fresh blend. This company also believes in the power of good. For each bag of coffee sold, Chicago French Press donates a portion of the sale to support programs for people in need locally and nationally. Learn more about Kris Christian, the mission of the company, products, and programs they support by visiting the company website.
Merl Kinzie - the SHUDIO
Chicago, IL
In 2015, Merl Kinzie founded the SHUDIO which is an eco-boutique. The SHUDIO is a retail shop offering eco-friendly products that has a jewelry metalsmith studio in it (shop + studio). The company values conscious consumerism meaning having an awareness of your purchasing decisions and their impact. They also offer workshops that you can sign up for on their website such as the “Threaded Thursday Sewing Kit”, “En Tu Casa: Lotion Bar Workshop Kit”, and “En Tu Casa: Plant Embroidery Workshop”. To check out The SHUDIO website, click here.
Michaela Hoo & Dawn Marie Hoo - Drifter Organics 
Los Angeles, CA
Michaela Hoo has had chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases that have made her think about the products she uses and how they may affect her health. She started to use her own homemade skin care products and found that it helped in keeping her skin clear and it even helped her digestive issues as well. In making her homemade products, Michaela Hoo wanted natural ingredients that made her feel like it was personalized just for her. Today, Hoo shares her products with others to help them feel their best all made using organic ingredients. Dawn Marie Hoo is Michaela’s mother and also cares about living a healthy lifestyle. In trying to improve Michaela’s skin health, she created body butters using essential oils. The scents of the body butters are said to be pleasant and they helped clear up Michaela’s skin! These founders are sharing their mindful products with the world. To find more information about Drifter Organics, check out their website.
Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley - The Citizenry 
Dallas, TX
The Citizenry is a home decor brand inspired by many different countries around the world. They work with artisans to create sustainable products using unique techniques. This company uses local materials from the countries with whom they work with so the products are sustainable! The citizenry offers products made from high quality materials at reasonable prices. There are limited quantities of the handcrafted items sold, making them unique pieces! The company believes in fair wages, good working conditions, and working with local artisans of various countries to promote their businesses. The company even re-invests 10% of their proceeds back into artisan communities! To read more about The Citizenry and shop their products, click here.



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