Best Parts of Fall

Best Parts of Fall

By: Jackie Drake
Summer is over and it’s finally sweater weather, which is our favorite time here at CAMPO! Listed below are some fun fall activities to do and experience during this time.
Pumpkin-spiced everything

The best part about fall is the autumn flavors and smells. There are pumpkin spiced coffee drinks, an excess of pumpkin pastries in bakeries, and pumpkin-scented candles. Pretty much anything you can imagine comes pumpkin-flavored during this time, so head to the grocery store to stock up on pumpkin-spiced products and get in the fall mood now.

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Leaves changing

One of the most beautiful parts of fall is the leaves changing colors. You can go to this website to find out the best locations and times for viewing fall leaves in Wisconsin.

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Apple picking

Fall also means that it is apple picking season! Visit your local orchard to pick some delicious ripe apples. Just outside of Madison is Door Creek Orchard where you can pick apples or buy pre-picked apples and grapes.


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Tv shows returning

The wait is over! All your favorite TV shows will be returning. Starting soon you can watch The Voice or This Is Us on NBC and The Masked Singer or MasterChef Junior on Fox. Along with new TV seasons, football games are also returning. You can view a full list of returning shows here.

Sweater weather

The best part of fall is that it is finally sweater weather! You can browse CAMPO’s cozy sweaters here. If you want to show off some Wisconsin pride this fall, check out our Wisconsin collection too. All of our sweaters are built to last, light weight, super soft, and thermoregulating.

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What’s your favorite part about fall? Let us know in the comments!

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