Amazing 11 LGBTQ+ Businesses To Support

Amazing 11 LGBTQ+ Businesses To Support

By Abby Hess

It’s finally June! Which means the hot summer days are quickly approaching us. June is also Pride month, meaning a whole 30 days being dedicated to the amazing and lovely LGBTQ+ community members we all know and love. This pride month definitely feels different for many of us, considering pride parades everywhere have been cancelled due to public safety worries. But have no fear as there’s another way to support the LGBTQ+ community from the comfort of your very living room. Below, I have compiled a list of small businesses owned by members of the LGBTQ+ community that are in need of your support. And once you see the fabulous products created by these small businesses, you won’t be able to resist a few quick purchases from companies changing the world one adorable tee shirt or delicious fudge bar at a time.

Automic Gold

Automic Gold sells beautiful gold jewelry that emulates designer fashions at a mere fraction of the price. Their stunning jewelry isn’t the only cool thing about this company- they never photoshop their models, and are passionate about hiring size-inclusive models of all genders and races.
Shop Automic Gold here:


This company creates gorgeous workout and swimwear for those who love to stay active. They focus on garments that fit well on all body types- no one should be excluded from enjoying working out due to their size or limitations of popular activewear brands. Chromat produces unique pieces that explore architecture, fashion, and technology while remaining sustainable-  Chromat’s nylon mill has removed more than 160 tons of fishing nets from the ocean to create their clothing.
Shop Chromat here:


BlackQueerMagic has a beautiful array of jewelry that will add a unique flair to your accessory collection. From large and opalescent crystals to minimalistic pieces, BlackQueerMagic has something for all styles with a focus on Black queer and trans liberation.
Shop BlackQueerMagic here:


Otherwild is a shop I could spend hours browsing through online. They have a wide array of curated goods, ranging from ceramics to plants to books and so much more. Not to mention they dedicate business profits to ethical practices along with advocacy and activism efforts!
Shop Otherwild here:


Wildfang creates clothing for women of all shapes, sizes, and sexualities for both casual and professional lifestyles. Wildfang’s cofounders, two former Nike employees, love to give back to the community as well and were able to donate more than $400,000 to charities supporting reproductive, immigrant, and women’s rights.
Shop Wildfang here:
 Erdos and Ko
Erdos and Ko 
Couple John Erdos and Louis Kay have done us all a favor and created a furniture store, Erdos + Ko, that focuses on functionality as well as beauty in all of their pieces. They have a wide collection of beautifully crafted furniture, along with upholstery, lighting, rugs, art pieces, and much more. With Erdos + Ko, buying furniture goes from being a chore to something fun and exciting.
Shop Erdos and Ko here:

Sappho Chocolates

Sappho Chocolates is a delectable chocolate making company started by Kathryn Sappho (a queer woman), who got into the business simply because she found chocolate making to be a very relaxing hobby to do after work. They offer a variety of different chocolate desserts, including using molds created using a 3D printer. She also is very sensitive towards customers with food allergies, and offers her luscious chocolates in vegan and gluten free options.
Shop Sappho Chocolates here:


dfrntpigeon is a clothing brand that is doing something completely different and inspirational with their clothing design. With dfrntpigeon, design professionals are paired with homeless youth in Portland- 40% of which identify as LQBTQ+ - to design clothing that is inspired by their own personal lives and experiences. This pairing then helps these kids jumpstart their careers. Along with their clothing line, they provide the option to donate to a youth in need.
Shop dfrntpigeon here:

Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch
Kirrin Finch was a company created by Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat, a couple that frequently experienced frustration in trying to find clothing that fit them and their personal styles well. A fun fact about Kirrin Finch is that the name is inspired by two fictional characters that represent females who embrace the tomboy spirit, and don’t feel the need to conform to society’s views on how a woman must behave and dress.
Shop Kirrin Finch here:

Artifex Detroit

Artifex Detroit 
Artifex Detroit has been crafting belts, bags, and cuffs ever since. All of her products are created from durable materials found in landfills, and they make sure to use American-made products purchased from small businesses whenever they can.
Shop Artifex Detroit here:

Beelux Goods

Beelux Goods
Beelux Goods provides their customers with holistic beauty products containing all-natural ingredients, including local honey sourced from local Maryland bee farms. They promote moisturizing, conditioning, and healing products for both men and women to use and enjoy.
Shop Beelux Goods here:
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