A New Year Means New Things!

A New Year Means New Things!


CAMPO HAS A BRAND NEW BLOG!  Here we will be writing stories about Campo and our suppliers to give you the inside scoop of a social start-up.  We will also share articles spotlighting our people and companies who also do amazing work in fair trade and ethical fashion!  

Things you should know about our blog:  1)  The tone is informal.  It will sound a lot like how I typically speak.  2)  I am learning to be a better writer, editor, etc. so bear with me.  3)  I don't have a ton of time to wordsmith or edit.  Apologies in advance for typos, but I hope you enjoy it all the same!

Here's a bit about Campo…

What do we do? 

We work directly with small businesses and individuals in Peru - specifically skilled knitters and weavers.  We have three suppliers (i.e. small businesses or collectives) with whom we work in Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa.  They are incredible craftsmen producing great clothing and accessories using various knitting and weaving methods. 

Some of our partners previously sold items in tourist markets or to middlemen in Peru.  This provides very small profits for them; plainly it's not enough income.  Others have dreams to expand their businesses - we love that too.  We offer fair wages, a new market to sell their alpaca gear in the USA, and a community.  Our model is called a Social Enterprise - Employment.   We wanted to take it one step further - when we said we wanted to be a catalyst of positive change, we are giving back our time in their communities as well as giving time and money to a local non-profit called Fair Services.  We love this non-profit because our goals align… To break the cycle of poverty.  This group focuses on support, education, and growth for single mothers and young girls.

Our hope is make a difference in the peoples' lives who we work and interact with. 

Campo… Changing the World One Stitch At A Time

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