Who Made Your Clothes?  Sweaters:  Millmachas

Who Made Your Clothes? Sweaters: Millmachas

Finding “my people” was what I thought would be one of the more difficult aspects of starting Campo.  I often get asked how I found my partners in Peru…

The process started with “research trips” to Peru to validate the viability and need for this idea as well as “find my people”.  If you have read previous blogs, you’ll know that I met knitters and weavers during my first trip to Peru back in 2014.  I approached random people on the street whom I saw knitting and creating things.  In likely broken Spanish, I asked them about themselves, where they were from, did they have a family, what they were making, and for whom.  At the time this was just me being a curious tourist – but it showed me that there was a large group of very skilled people who with the correct business opportunity could really flourish.  What I discovered:  There are a LOT of people and businesses in the clothing creation space and no shortage of workforce.  However, may of these individuals were selling their beautiful work to middleman and then tourist markets to little or no margin.  There was a need for fairer work conditions and wages and the means to make a new and exciting project.

I was fortunate that I found people I was looking for rather quickly.  I was looking for good, ethically minded people who wanted to make a difference in the lives of the people in their community.  Someone entrepreneurial, driven, yet also kind and would treat their team compassionately.  All this describes the team who makes our sweaters - - Millmachas!

Millmachas is run by a woman named Milagros.  She is a driven business woman, teacher of entrepreneurship, the core of her family, and an altruistic, kind person focused on helping the people she meets.  We have been working together for over a year now.  Her dedication to both her projects and the people in her life is astounding and inspiring. 

I met Milagros through randomly responding to a Facebook message.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but as part of my research I was taking on connections via internet search, Facebook, Whatsapp, and talking to people randomly on the street. 

Her company is who lovingly makes all of our Campo Sweaters.  She and her team were the start of everything!  The first time she showed me a completed sweater sample I thought, “YES!  THIS IS IT!”  They are incredible craftsmen and have such pride in their work and skill.  It’s very exciting to design new products and see them come to life with this team. 

Gerardo and Victoria - Clothing Manufacturing Managers 



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I love your blankets! I’ve bought several, more than I need, and am giving them as gifts to special persons. Thanks for bringing the alpaca products to market. Michael

Michael Stier

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