Who Made My Clothes:  Ayni Art

Who Made My Clothes: Ayni Art

Ayni Art

We were searching for the right people to make our blankets and scarves.  Once again our connections have served us well.  Ayni Art is a small, family-run business out of Cusco, Peru.  We were connected to Ayni Art’s founder through a friend and artisan maker in Cusco.  Georgina and her family run Ayni Art.  She works in rural areas around Cusco and Puno to create amazing products in the knit, woven, or craftsmen categories. 

The word Ayni means "today for you, tomorrow for me"

The law of Ayni is a multifaceted concept. But, put simply: “When you give something, you are entitled to get something back, and when you get something you have an obligation to reciprocate and give something back”.  This also means taking "turn" and implies taking turns at serving another.

Ayni, or Andean Reciprocity, is practiced in the rural communities.  Ayni is part of the Quechua language, one of the two ancestral languages of Peru.   It was practiced long ago and continues to be an important part of the Andean culture - along with other forms of reciprocity.

Ayni exists in the relationships among the Andean people as well as their relationship with Mother Earth, PachamamaAyni is a form of reciprocity.

Georgina's company Ayni Art embodies the spirit of Ayni.  She works with people who are in need and are willing to receive help.  She treats them fairly and with compassion.  In return, they create the beautiful blankets and scarves we provide to our customers.  

About Ayni Art

To be recognized by the type and quality of production and marketing in the textile and handicraft sector.  To build a reputation for high quality and fair trade practices.
Ayni Art is a company with a clear philosophy about social responsibility and fair trade, which is the recognition of productive work performed by groups or associations of rural women workers in the Andean highlands of Puno and Cusco.

We love working with this company and family!  We look forward to expanding our relationship!

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