Reflecting On Our First Peru Trip of 2019

Reflecting On Our First Peru Trip of 2019

Hello Everyone,

This is Katie writing to you.  I am back from a two week trip to Peru.  Back to Chicago and the negative who knows how cold weather.  While it’s nice to be home, Peru had this great 60-70 degree thing going down there.  I am looking forward to that kind of weather again!

Cusco, Peru

On to the good stuff.  Recap of my trip to Peru!  I was in Peru to work on a number of different items. 

  • NEW SAMPLES for 2019! We have new products coming from all three of our suppliers.  Be on the look out next week to check them out!
  • Meet with each of my suppliers to confirm 2019 plans. 
  • CELEBRATE! CAMPO and our suppliers in Peru have officially been working together, solving problems together, and learning more about each other for one whole year!  Picture below is from our fiesta in Arequipa!
Arequipa Peru Fiesta


I am so grateful to have found these amazing people, families, and communities in Peru.  They are kind, driven, intelligent, and beautiful people looking to help others and support their communities.  We feel incredibly lucky and honored to work with them.  Together we can both grow! 

I'd also like to share a few crazy things that happened during the trip.  Like all travel or even just any normal days at home,  things happen – things go wrong… A few of my issues or funny circumstances for you reading pleasure…

  • First off, my checked bags didn’t make it to Lima.  I had a laptop, phone, money, a pair of shoes, and the clothes on my back.  Luckily, a very kind Delta attendant gave me a toiletries box which definitely helped. 
    1. What I learned… I don’t need nearly the amount of clothes I usually bring. A small backpack and more doing laundry will definitely do the trick.  #Travel Light
  • Learning Spanish - I am continuously working on improving my Spanish. Inevitably the best way to learn by your own mistakes.  My most entertaining mistake that the friends in Arequipa really got a kick out happened while I was explaining to them that I was bitten by some insect, which I thought was a spider.  Spider in Spanish is “araña”.  However I said I was bite by a “naranja”.  Which is an orange.  They died laughing, joking around that it was a ferocious fruit, a sneaky citrus.  Sigh… If you cannot laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at! 


Travel is amazing and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to travel on a regular basis.  I know that traveling and experiencing other cultures opens our minds and hearts to different people, ways of living, and teaches us empathy.  Something that we all can use.  I am looking forward to Campo giving more people the opportunity to travel as well.  (That was a hint into future plans).  Keep reading our communications to stay up to date!   


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