Hola from Peru!

Hola from Peru!

Hello Everyone, 

This is Katie writing to you from Cusco, Peru.  I hope that the new year is starting off very well for all of you.  For Campo we are deep into planning for 2019.  That includes NEW Products, improvements, and expanding!  It's very exciting to be in Year 2 of CAMPO!  

Here's the game plan in Peru.  I had two weeks total and am about 1/2 the way through the trip.  Here was the agenda and highlights

1/14-1/16:  Lima, Peru 
- I had the amazing opportunity to meet with part of the UW-Madison MBA program in Lima, Peru.  What a fantastic group of people!  They are driven, intelligent, and impressive it made my "Badger Heart" so happy to be associated with a great group of Badgers.  We visited Accenture as well as got to share the story of CAMPO.  Lucky me, I made some great connections in this group willing to help us.  Being a Badger is the best!

1/17-1/23:  Cusco, Peru
We have a bit of everything in this trip to Cusco.  

Plaza De Armas, Cusco Peru

The two main focuses are
1) Work with Ayni Art on new blankets and scarves for 2019.  I love the products they have made for us so far and according to sales number, so do all of you!  What’s coming next?  A heavier blanket that will be a statement piece in your living room and some new colors of our scarves and blankets. 
2) Visit Fair Services – In case you forgot this is the non-profit that Campo partners with in urban Cusco.  They are doing fantastic work to support single mothers and young girls living in poverty.  Through a community, financial assistance, and education they are making a real difference! 

Campo is working with Fair services to start up USA Fundraising as well as set up a program for the summers with the UW Madison and other interested universities to get volunteers working and learning for the summer at Fair Services.  Interested in learning more?  Message me (katie@CampoAlpaca.com).  More details to come!

1/23-1/27:  Arequipa, Peru
I LOVE Arequipa so much.  It’s one of my favorite cities in Peru because of the people, food, architecture, and unique identity.  In Arequipa we work with the Chaska Collective: a fantastic and talented group of women/knitting ninjas who make our beanies and headbands.  This trip we are working on a few more designs of beanie (hooray) as well as potentially Christmas ornaments.  So many options is a happy problem, but lucky for us we have some amazing craftspeople here making Campo what it is today! 

1/28-1/29:  Lima, Peru
W Red Alpaca Crew Neck

Super short final days in Lima will be spent working on new sweater samples and fuzzy alpacas.  Have you seen our Red W Alpaca Crew Neck?  I love it already and I think it will be a great addition to the collection.  Our team in Lima also collaborates with a group of women in a small town outside of Cusco who make the unique wrist patches on the sweaters.  We are hoping to expand out relationship with them through alpaca toys!  Pictures to come! 

I LOVE this country and I love traveling here.  The people are incredibly warm and kind yet driven and entrepreneurial.  I am grateful to meet new people on every trip.  Anyone traveling to Peru?  Please let us know!  We would love to give you recommendations on all Peru has to offer. 

Cusco, Peru

I hope you’re enjoying these posts.  Write in the comments below any other topics you would like to hear about.  Thanks for the feedback.  Adios for now!




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