Wisconsin Sweater Availability

Hello All!  We are hard at work on a lot of things and having a blast!  Here's the deal with our Wisconsin Gear!  We are getting MORE Wisconsin Sweaters, Headbands, and Beanies by May 5th - which means we can ship them on May 6th and you will get them before Graduation!  

Important:  LIMITED quantities are available - Please order asap if you want your Wisconsin gear before graduation.  

A few notes: 

1)  Some sweaters we have in stock and will ship in 1 business day (these are marked in the description).  
2)  Others will (Grandma and I) will go retrieve from Peru and those will ship on May 6th

NOTE:  Green & Gold Sweaters will not be available until the Fall Pre-Order Release Date.  The Update above is only for the Wisconsin (Red) Gear!


Questions?  Please email me at katie@campoalpaca.com 

We are working to get everyone the Wisconsin gear they want!  Thanks for your patience and support!