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11 Alpaca Facts

By: Mallory Stock  When people hear the word alpaca, they most likely think of cute fuzzy animals that live in South America and have big buck teeth. However, there are much more to alpacas than just a cute fluffy face. These animals are truly fascinating, and to show our love for them, we’ve listed some fun and quirky facts below.   Alpacas are old… really old.  Over 6,000 years ago, the ancient Incans of Peru domesticated these animals for their fine fleece.  The Incans valued Alpaca fiber over gold! They are therapeutic animals.  Due to their sensitive and intuitive nature, alpacas are great therapy animals and are starting to become more popular in hospitals. They have high quality, hypoallergenic fleece. ...

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CAMPO Holiday Gift Guide

By Abby Hess  The holidays should be a fun time for us all, filled with good food and good company! Unfortunately, the prospect of gift-giving for some of your pickier family members can add a bit of stress to this cheerful season. Lucky for you, Campo has got you covered with high quality, sustainable goods for every type of shopper. These gifts will be so good, even your choosiest family members won’t be able to resist these super-soft, no-itch alpaca fur pieces! Loves the Outdoors- Even When It’s 30 Below Classico Hoodie- $120 We all have that relative that just can’t get enough of the winter weather- from ski trips to snow angels, this person has no fear of the...

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