Shout Out to Our Interns

By: Jason Bamrungtrakun
Every intern works hard together to help Campo make a positive impact on the world. Here is a little more about the awesome work our interns are doing this semester.
Brigid Kelley
Major: Brigid is a freshman studying Marketing at UW-Madison.
Goals: Her goal for post-graduation is to be a marketer in New York or Chicago for a fashion or beauty company.
Interests: Brigid likes to travel, listen to music, and be outdoors!
Role: Brigid is joining Campo to help the company with outreach and Pinterest strategies.


Jason Bamrungtrakun

Major: Jason is a Freshman at UW-Madison planning to study Marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business.
Goals: After graduation, Jason hopes to either enter the consulting industry or work on something related to product/brand development marketing.
Interests: Jason enjoys singing, songwriting, swimming, and going to the gym.
Role: Jason’s role at Campo is focused on social media marketing, promotional strategies, blogging, and market/product research.


Eleni Michelis
Major: Eleni is a sophomore at UW studying Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship with a certificate in Graphic Design.
Goals: After graduation, she hopes to be working as part of a marketing team for a big company in New York City. 
Interests: Eleni loves traveling, trying new foods, and graphic designing! 
Role: Her job for Campo is social media and website content creation!
Haleigh Bain
Major: Retailing & Consumer Behavior with certificates in Digital Studies & Entrepreneurship at UW-Madison.
Goals: After graduation, she hopes to find a job that she loves to go to every day in Marketing.
Interests: Traveling, kayaking, concerts, spending time with family and friends.
Role: Haleigh has joined Campo to assist in social media marketing & email marketing by creating content for subscribers of Campo that aligns with our campaigns.
Jacy Swiggum

Major: Jacy is a senior at UW-Madison majoring in Retailing and Consumer Behavior with a Certificate in Environmental Studies.

Goals: Her goal is to work in merchandising with a sustainability focused retailer.

Interests: She enjoys playing volleyball, photography, videography, crafting, and anything outdoors.

Role: Jacy’s role at Campo is video content creation.

Jackie Drake
jackie, intern

Major: Jackie is a senior at UW-Madison majoring in Communication Arts.

Goals: Her goal after graduation is to find a job around Madison in marketing.

Interests: She enjoys traveling, reading, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family.

Role: Jackie’s role at Campo is creating blog posts, emails, and working on marketing campaigns. 

Grace Kostreva

grace, intern

Major: Grace is a sophomore majoring in Retailing and Consumer Behavior in the School of Human Ecology at UW-Madison.

Goals: She would love to work in fashion marketing after graduating.

Interests: She enjoys arts and crafts, being on the lake, and reading.

Role: Grace’s role at Campo is to create marketing campaigns and work with the email team to create and send emails. 


Lily Adkinson

Major: Lily is a senior at UW studying Consumer Behavior and Marketplace Studies as well as Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship.

Goals: After graduation, Lily hopes to travel and work in a new city as she has never lived outside of Wisconsin! 

Interests: Lily enjoys hot yoga, is passionate about social justice, and loves going to concerts

Role: Lily’s role at Campo is focused on event and field marketing including community outreach and forming strategic partnerships

We are grateful to have such amazing people helping further Campo's mission!

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