Meet Our Summer 2021 Interns!

Founded by a Badger alum, run by the Badger fam!

Campo provides amazing opportunities for students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison every academic term. UW students hailing from the Wisconsin School of Business, School of Human Ecology, and The College of Letters and Sciences indicate the diverse skills and experiences of the intern class! 
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By: Jason Bamrungtrakun

Hannah Prudlow

Major: Hannah is an incoming Junior at UW Madison and is currently pursuing a degree in Consumer Behavior and Marketplace Studies within the School of Human Ecology, as well as certificates in Entrepreneurship and Textiles and Design.
Goals: Hannah hopes to take her credentials with her into the world of product development and marketing in corporate fashion retail or any related field
Interests: Hannah loves listening to music, spending time with friends and family, going on hikes and spending time outside in nature, and shopping!
Role: Hannah is thrilled to be a part of the social media marketing team here at CAMPO and also with the Chaska Project this summer. She looks forward to her involvement in content creation within the social media realm!

Jason Bamrungtrakun

Major: Jason is an incoming Sophomore at UW-Madison planning to study Operations & Technology Management, Supply Chain Management, and Marketing with Certificate in Digital Studies at UW Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business.

Goals: After graduation, Jason hopes to either enter the consulting field or work on product/brand development marketing.

Interests: Jason enjoys singing, songwriting, swimming, and going to the gym.

Role: Jason is the Social Media Team Leader at Campo. His work is focused on social media marketing, promotional strategy, blogging, and market/product research. He has been with CAMPO since the Early January. 

Holdyn Kawcak

Major: Holdyn will be a sophomore in the fall at UW-Madison studying Marketing and International Business at the Wisconsin School of Business

Goals: After graduation, Holdyn hopes to continue marketing for a business that has a positive social impact.

Interests: Holdyn enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and rooting for any Colorado sports team

Role: Holdyn’s role at Campo is social media marketing and content design

Nathan Melzer

Major: Nathan is a Junior at UW-Madison majoring in Communication Arts and is studying to receive a certificate in Political Economy, Political Science, and Philosophy.

Goals: After graduation, Nathan hopes to find a Public Relations job. With this, Nathan is hoping to find a business with great leaders and friendly people.  

Interests: Nathan enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding, and other activities that allow him to actively hang out with friends.  

Role: Nathan’s role at Campo is centered around Social Media and PR.  Nathan focuses on contacting other businesses as well as the creation of posts for our Instagram.

Margot Lopez-Silvero

Major: Margot is a political science major with certificates in digital studies and entrepreneurship.

Goals: After graduation, Margot hopes to pursue a career in the food industry either on the business side or cooking 

Interests: Margot enjoys cooking, snowboarding, swimming, and listening to music 

Role: Margot’s role at CAMPO includes promotional campaigns, presentation improvement, and promotional strategies

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