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Campo Alpaca Alumni: Mara

Campo has had the privilege of working with amazing students over the last few years who have gone on to do wonderful things. Read more to learn about one of these awesome interns: Mara!
Interview by: Jason Bamrungtrakun
How many years has it been since you interned at Campo?

"It has been approximately 7 months since I interned at Campo."

Can you describe your internship experience at Campo? What were your responsibilities?

"I had a large variety of responsibilities that varied throughout my time on the team. Starting in December of 2019, I was responsible for weekly social media postings, Facebook advertising, and influencer outreach. I might’ve also even been responsible for emails during that time too. During the Summer of 2020, I was mainly responsible for emails, as well as managing the content schedule. I even spent some time writing blog posts and creating infographics. In the end, I did a little bit of everything, but it was always something I chose to do and enjoyed doing."

Where are you now in your professional career?

"As a senior graduating this May, I had originally planned to pursue a career in digital marketing. Some things changed, however, and I plan on taking the year off to figure out where I want my life to go from here. I got into crafting over the pandemic and am thinking about perhaps starting my own small business, but that’s all up in the air yet."

Why did you decide to join Campo?

"For MHR 322, I was required to attend an entrepreneurship event for an assignment. I saw Campo on the schedule, was immediately interested, and decided to attend the distinguished entrepreneurship lunch Katie was to be speaking at. I was amazed and inspired listening to Katie discuss how Campo came to be and what the company was all about. Since my time in college, I’ve become super interested in sustainability, as well as fair trade initiatives. That being said, Campo seemed like the perfect company to work for! I decided to reach out to Katie and asked to be an intern shortly after."

Do you believe that Campo can create a positive impact on other communities and the environment?

"I believe that Campo has already had a positive impact on communities and the environment and I hope that the company can continue to grow so that it can increase the reach of its impact."

What did you enjoy most about your internship experience at Campo?

"I really enjoyed being able to express my creativity within my internship. I’ve always been a creative person, but hadn’t really had an outlet to express it in recent years. This was the perfect opportunity, as I was able to spend time putting my own spin on social media posts, emails, graphics, you name it."

How has your Campo internship created an impact on your professional development and career?

"Campo allowed me to gain a great amount of experience in a number of different areas. I was able to experience what it was like to work on the marketing and communications team of a real company and really allowed myself to step out of my comfort zone. Having this experience has and will continue to boost my resume, no matter what I decide to do in the future."

Thank you to Mara for helping further Campo's mission! Stay tuned for our next featured Campo Alpaca Alumni.

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