Campo Alpaca Alumni: Kia Pourmodheji

Campo has had the privilege of working with amazing students over the last few years who have gone on to do wonderful things. Read more to learn about one of these awesome interns: Kia Pourmodheji!
How many years has it been since you interned at CAMPO?
About 4 years since I’ve interned at CAMPO
Can you describe your internship experience at CAMPO?  What were your responsibilities?
I worked to create a local influencer sticker and helped create the campo alpaca sticker. I also partook in photo/video shoots as well as pop-ups.
Where are you now in your professional career?
I work in operations at a furniture rental start-up called Oliver Space
Why did you decide to join CAMPO? What struck out to you about the company?
CAMPO was a great learning experience. I learned all about content + organic marketing. I also learned how to manage brand ambassadors.
Do you believe that CAMPO can create a positive impact on other communities and the environment?
Absolutely! Helping women in Peru earn an income and spread artifacts of their culture with a Madison twist! Not to mention, helping students gain real work experience.
What did you enjoy most about your internship experience at CAMPO?
Building connections, wearing super soft clothing, and gaining experience that became the foundation of future endeavors.
How has your CAMPO internship created an impact on your professional development and career?
Through CAMPO I landed my first summer internship. That internship was the stepping stone to future opportunities. I can confidently say that CAMPO and Katie Lorenz set me on my current career path!


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