Campo Alpaca Alumni: Brigid Kelley

Campo has had the privilege of working with amazing students over the last few years who have gone on to do wonderful things. Read more to learn about one of these awesome interns: Brigid!
How many years has it been since you interned at CAMPO?
It has only been 4 months since I finished my internship with Campo.
Can you describe your internship experience at CAMPO? What were your responsibilities?
My internship experience was online but still great and brought a lot of learning opportunities. I worked on a wide range of projects including Pinterest, blog articles, content creation, and local company outreach.
Where are you now in your professional career? 
I am going into my sophomore year this coming Fall so I’m not quite sure what professional path I’ll be going down. This summer though, I have been working at Zara as well as taking a summer graphic design class.
Why did you decide to join CAMPO? What struck out to you about the company?
I decided to join Campo because I’m interested in getting into retail and fashion industry. More importantly though, I loved Campo’s mission and how the business isn’t just about making a profit.
Do you believe that CAMPO can create a positive impact on other communities and the environment? 
Definitely! Campo works to provide a better life for Peruvian women which I admire so much.
What did you enjoy most about your internship experience at CAMPO? 
I liked having a lot of creative freedom as well as the opportunity to openly share ideas with my fellow interns and Katie.
How has your CAMPO internship created an impact on your professional development and career?
My internship with Campo has definitely helped me land more interviews for future jobs. But, the experience I have had translates over well to new positions.

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