Campo Alpaca Alumni: Arin Pieramici

Campo has had the privilege of working with amazing students over the last few years who have gone on to do wonderful things. Read more to learn about one of these awesome interns:  Arin Pieramici!



How many years has it been since you interned at CAMPO?
It's been about a year since my internship at Campo.
Can you describe your internship experience at CAMPO? What were your responsibilities?
I loved my internship at CAMPO Alpaca. I got to work with creative and smart interns. Katie taught me so much about digital marketing and maintaining a brand personality.
How has your CAMPO internship created an impact on your professional development and career?
I definitely utilize all of the skills I learned today and will apply them wherever my career takes me! Katie gave us a lot of independence with the internship and we were really able to be creative. I helped with social media and PR. I created the Pinterest page as well as posted on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.
Where are you now in your professional career?
I am now living in Chicago and working as an integrated marketing intern at Motorola Solutions. I do believe that CAMPO can create a positive impact on other communities and the environment. The partnership with Chaska reflects the generosity of CAMPO and makes big impacts on supporting girls in poverty.
What did you enjoy most about your internship experience at CAMPO?
My favorite part of the internship was when I went to token creek alpaca farm and got to play with the alpacas and have a photoshoot with them! CAMPO has made an impact on my career experience because I learned to work well with others, reach out to the greater community, and develop brand awareness.

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