Campo Alpaca Alumni: Anne

Campo has had the privilege of working with amazing students over the last few years who have gone on to do wonderful things. Read more to learn about one of these awesome interns: Anne!
Interview by: Jason Bamrungtrakun
How many years has it been since you interned at Campo?

"I interned with CAMPO in 2019 during the spring semester of my senior year. So now it has been 2 years since I was with the team!"

Can you describe your internship experience at Campo? What were your responsibilities?

"I joined the team as a Marketing Intern. I was accountable for sending out the weekly emails to customers and creating the content schedule for those. I also assisted Katie in developing an ambassador program/community as a way to get more students involved with the brand on campus. The blog posts were also starting to become a bigger part of the company, so I took over creating potential content stories for those as well."

Where are you now in your professional career?

"I am currently working at Kohl’s Corporate as a Merchandise Analyst in Milwaukee and have been in this role since September 2019. However, I just accepted an offer to join IRi in Chicago as a Client Insights Analyst."

Why did you decide to join Campo?

"I remember having the extra time my senior year to do an internship rather than more classes. I saw Katie’s posting about Campo and I knew right away that she was someone who cared deeply about her company’s mission. When I first joined the team, Katie had a meeting with everyone to review all the different groups that were being helped through Campo over in Peru and I was immediately proud and excited to help out. This was an internship where I could confidently say I was helping to improve the life of someone else just by supporting and assisting in the program."

Do you believe that Campo can create a positive impact on other communities and the environment?

"Absolutely I do! Campo's mission not only benefits the communities in Peru by providing them fair wages, opportunities, and safe working conditions, but also helps to educate people on the benefit of fair trade and the importance of it right here in our own communities. I believe that many people are not fully aware of where their clothing and products come from so any way we can educate more people on that topic will help improve the situation of others around the world."

What did you enjoy most about your internship experience at Campo?

"I enjoyed that through Campo I was trusted to fully own my work and do the research I needed to, all on my own. Katie was not one to micromanage which empowered me to take ownership of my work and feel proud of what I was doing. I also enjoyed working with the team in general and getting to work with like-minded students on campus. We did a photoshoot once for the brand and it was a super fun way to connect more with each other and build those friendships. Lastly, I enjoyed how supportive Katie was about the work we were doing and how she became a connection that we would have in our corners even after the internship ended."

How has your Campo internship created an impact on your professional development and career?

"For me personally, this was the first opportunity I had where the content I was creating was being distributed to all the current customers and supporters of the company. Because of that, I really developed a strategic mindset where I had to do my research prior and ask myself questions like, “how will people respond to this headline versus another?”, and “what will the impact on click through rates be if I utilize one style for a call to action button over another?”. I still carry that mindset with me today in the work I do. This opportunity really stressed to me the importance of thinking one step ahead and being purposeful in the way you design, word, and research."

Thank you to Anne for helping further Campo's mission! Stay tuned for our next featured Campo Alpaca Alumni.

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