Campo Alpaca Alumni

We are grateful to have had so many gifted interns over the years help further Campo's mission. We are excited to introduce a new blog series highlighting our previous interns and the kinds of awesome stuff they are up to now. Read more to see a snippet of our interviews with them!
Myles Storey

"Through my work with Campo, I was able to develop and sharpen my skills as a videographer as well as learn to collaborate effectively with other team members and volunteers"

"This was an internship where I could confidently say I was helping to improve the life of someone else just by supporting and assisting in the program."
Mallory Stock

"I enjoyed working with other Madison students and building a community. I also loved that I could work in many different areas and see what I loved."
Taylor Bould

"Social impact was the main reason I joined Campo. I was interested in working for a company that gives back."

"Campo allowed me to gain a great amount of experience in a number of different areas. I was able to experience what it was like to work on the marketing and communications team of a real company and really allowed myself to step out of my comfort zone."
Stay tuned for their full interviews coming soon!

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