12DoT - Interns 2019 - Part 2

12 DAYS OF THANKS ... Continuing on!
Interns Fall 2019 Part TWO!  These interns are fantastic, on top of school work and extra curriculars they are all driven and motivated to get real world experience.  THANK YOU is not enought to express my gratitude to these fantastic students!

Ilana is a junior this year at UW-Madison, and she is originally from Boston.  She is studying Retailing and Consumer Behavior and is deeply passionate about using design to create a positive impact in the world, such as promoting mental health awareness and sustainability. She would love to start her own business someday that combines her passions for fashion and positive social change. A fun fact about Ilana is that she only knew one other person coming to Wisconsin her freshman year.  She is excited to study abroad this coming semester!
Spicer is from Atlanta, Georgia and is a junior this year at UW-Madison. She is majoring in Marketing, with a dream career of working for a major production company like Warner Brothers, or 20th Century Fox. She is very passionate about photography, and finds inspiration in journalists such as Ami Vitale, and David Guttenfelder. A fun fact about Spicer is that she loves to cook, and finds new recipes to experiment with.  We will miss Spicer as she goes on an amazing study abroad adventure this coming semester!
Brighid is a senior this year at UW Madison, originally from Wauwatosa, WI. She is studying Retail, Consumer Behavior, and Spanish, with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. She is open minded about her future plans, but would love to work in visual merchandising, product development after graduation or consumer insights. She is excited to be able to bring her talents to a company that wants to improve the world through sustainability initiatives. She is passionate about music, and loves to see her favorite artists live whenever she can! A fun fact about Brighid is that she met Tina Fey at Disney World and her friend accidentally called her Sandra Bullock.
Royce is from Denver, Colorado and is a junior this year at Madison. He is studying Marketing, and is excited to pursue a career in the music business when he graduates. He loves attending concerts, and seeing some of his favorite artists live. A fun fact about Royce is that he was in a touring choir in middle school, and was able to travel to 5 different countries and 2 different states.

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