12DoT - Interns Fall 2019 Part 1 of 2

To start off these blogs/ posts of thanks – Let’s start with this semesters' group of interns: 
Campo has some very talented interns working with us this fall semester, all with very diverse backgrounds and all with a passion for fashionable, sustainable Wisconsin apparel. They are all doing phenomenal work with marketing, social media posts, digital merchandising, collaborations with organizations around campus, and much more. We want to share a little bit more about them and the wonderful work they are doing for the company!
Abby is from Onalaska, WI and is currently a senior at UW Madison. She is studying Retail, Consumer Behavior, Environmental Studies, with certificates in Business and Entrepreneurship. She hopes to work in digital merchandising or product development someday for a company that focuses on sustainable fashion. She loves staying active by doing yoga and running, and likes listening to music of all kinds (except maybe country). A random fun fact about her is that she enjoys baking, especially when she is procrastinating.

Taylor is a senior this year at UW Madison studying Marketing, Management Human Resources, and Risk Management/Insurance. She is originally from Grafton, WI. Her dream career after she graduates is to be a Change Manager. She is very passionate about education, and a fun fact about Taylor is that she loves to ski!  Taylor was in the group of our first interns more than 2 years ago.  We are thrilled she will intern one more semester with Campo!
Amanda is originally from Madison, WI!  She is a senior this year, studying Retailing, Consumer Behavior, and Spanish. She would love to be able to work in marketing for Google when she graduates. She is very passionate about giving back to her community, which she is able to do through volunteering at the River Food Pantry. A fun fact about Amanda is that she used to have Halloween themed parties every year when she was younger!  We are PUMPED to have Amanda interning with Campo for the spring semester!
Myles is a senior this year at UW Madison, majoring in Zoology. He is originally from Malaysia! His dream career is to eventually be a doctor. While his dream career is geared more towards science, Myles is very passionate about filmmaking and is also talented in photography. A random fact about Myles is that despite living in Wisconsin, a state that is notorious for its dairy products, he really doesn’t like ice cream.  We are so lucky to have Myles for one more semester! 
Arin is originally from Santa Barbara, California. She is currently a sophomore at UW Madison, studying Marketing and Economics. Eventually, Arin would love to work for Spotify in their marketing department. She really loves to travel, and a fun fact about Arin is that she loves to go to music festivals and see her favorite artists perform live.  Lucky us - She is staying on with Campo for another semester!   

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